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 What is Dynochem Biologics?

Dynochem Biologics was launched in 2021 to support development and scale-up of biologics, separate from core Dynochem (which is focused on organic synthesis of small molecules).  Based on the industry response to date, this marks the beginning of a new chapter delivering value from Dynochem in USP, DSP and fill/finish.  Users of Dynochem Biologics can access a dedicated model library and a customized Excel ribbon.  You can use our Biologics utilities, including the Bioreactor mixing toolbox and all of the Biologics models, KBs and Training.

We continue to build and extend Dynochem Biologics in line with feature requests from the user community and the volume of activity using the product.  One such initiative was a doubling of the number of fields in our vessel database, mostly to cater for the different equipment set-ups used in biologics.  Separating the product out from core Dynochem helps to focus and align our efforts more effectively and we look forward to further supporting the biologics user community.

We hope that you enjoy and obtain great value from Dynochem Biologics.  Links to some short videos of USP, DSP and fill/finish applications are given below. 

For help and information on the user interface, please review the Dynochem help section above and Simulator, Fitting and Optimization sections below.

 How can I use it?

 A few short videos of USP, DSP and fill/finish applications are given in this YouTube playlist to illustrate how Dynochem Biologics is used:

You can visit the Dynochem Biologics Resources site here.