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Introduction to Data Services
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 What are Scale-up Suite Data Services?
SuS Data Services are a means to provide easy access to information from external systems when working inside Scale-up Suite.  Using this feature you can connect many types of external data source so that users can retrieve the information they need without opening other applications or losing their train of thought.
 How can I use them?
You can access data services when working with Scale-up Suite tools such as Dynochem (Excel ribbon), Reaction Lab (Materials search) and Numero (Word, Outlook and PowerPoint ribbons).  Equipment data services may also be viewed in your web browser on any device as long as you are signed in and authenticated.
 For administrators: Managing a Data Service
A 15 minute video is available on YouTube that summarizes the main actions of interest to a License (or Data Service) Administrator.  This video can display subtitles on screen in any language that is supported by YouTube.  Click the Settings icon during video playback to choose the language for your subtitles.