Scale-up Suite Help
What is RunScript Automation?
New in Scale-up Suite 2, this feature supports creation of advanced value-added workflows that are typically part of Digitalization / automation projects and creation of Digital Twins.
How can I use it?

You can write your own program code or edit example code / python scripts provided by Scale-up Systems to create autonomous workflows such as automated parameter fitting, process optimization, model verification or simulation. 

You can connect these workflows into data pipelines and other automation initiatives to deliver end to end model creation, optimization and experiment execution, in real time, or as a script that runs periodically. 

You can deploy your own models for use by colleagues in their web browsers / as web apps. 

You can connect models with real time data sources, such as plant data acquisition systems and use the models to refit parameters (if needed), predict optimum process trajectories or predict the process outcome in real time.

You will require licenses for the product feature called RunScript Automation in order to develop and execute these workflows.



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