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Introduction to RSA
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 What is RunScript Automation?
New in Scale-up Suite 2, this product (abrreviated as RSA) supports creation of advanced value-added workflows that are typically part of Digitalization / automation projects and creation of Digital Twins.
 How can I use it?

You can:

Short videos illustrating these applications are available in this YouTube playlist.

To learn more about this product and and see some example scripts, read this KB Article and visit our GitHub pages (you will need to send us your GitHub username to access the example scripts).

You will require licenses for RunScript Automation in order to develop and execute these workflows.  Contact your Dynochem representative for more information and to join our Digitalization Pilot Program.

 Configuring an API key

New in Scale-up Suite 2.2, when using Runscript Automation on a server, supporting unattended web apps or other automated workflows, it is recommended to configure Scale-up Suite on the server with an API key, rather than a personal user account.  This guidance applies only to RunScript Automation. If configured with an API key, Scale-up Manager will:

To obtain an API key, go to the user management page of your RSA license at and click “Add API Key”.

After the API key appears in the users list, click the API key link to access a details page with further set-up information, some of which is also shown below.

• Scale-up Suite 2.2 or higher must be used
• If Scale-up Suite was activated with another user account on the target computer, open Scale-up Manager and click User Icon > Sign Out before applying the API Key environment variable.

Setting an environment variable, specified as below, configures Scale-up Suite to:
• Automatically authenticate and fetch license entitlements on start using the API Key
• Run in silent mode without blocking dialogues.

To manually configure Scale-up Suite to authenticate with the API Key:
• Open the Windows Environment Variables dialog to create either a variable for your account (user variable) or a system variable
• Create a new variable named SCALEUPSUITE_AUTHENTICATION and copy/paste the value defined on the API Key details page as the variable value
• Recommended: also set a variable to enable API Key Event logging as define below
• Click OK on the overall Environment Variable dialog to apply the changes
• Start Scale-up Manager or click Sign In, if already open, to authenticate with the API Key.

To script Scale-up Suite to authenticate with the API Key:
• Set the environment variables as defined above
• Issue the following commands to either start Scale-up Manager from the command line with the API Key or apply the configuration if already running:

CD "C:\Program Files (x86)\Scale-up Systems\Scale-up Suite"
sessionmanager /refresh_apikey_config

• Note: the path to the Scale-up Suite installation directory may vary from the above on your system.


Enable logging of events by creating an environment variable named SCALEUPSUITE_APIKEY_LOG and the path to a log file as value, as defined below.  When configured with an API Key, Scale-up Suite does not show any error dialogs. The API Key event log needs to be consulted to get insights into any potential authentication failures, connection errors or failures to obtain a license.

Environment Variable to Enable Event Logging:

*Full path to a text file. The file will be created if it does not exist, but the containing folder must exist. Can contain path variables. Can point to a network location.  Examples:

• C:\Logfolder\ApiKeyLog.log
• %USERPROFILE%\Desktop\Logs\ApiKeyLog.txt
• \\SharedLocation\SharedLogfolder\ApiKeyLog.log