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 Troubleshooting of Excel Add-in Issues

It is rare for IT issues experienced using Scale-up Suite to be caused by Scale-up Suite; usually, the cause is some obscure IT setting on your system that we cannot replicate.  We recommend that you first check with colleagues whether they are having the same issue; this can lead to the fastest resolution for you and also indicate how widespread the problem is.

However, the procedure below will fix most add-in issues that you may encounter when working with Dynochem utilities or models.  If necessary after checking with colleagues, please run through the troubleshooting procedure as far as you need to address your issue:

If that does not help:

In some cases, customer local IT have found that what looked like Add-in issues were actually related to Windows Updates and the Windows WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation).  This potential cause is worth investigating with your local IT colleagues if the above procedure has not solved your issue.

If you continue to have problems after trying all of the above options, please send a screenshot of i) your Excel ribbon, ii) your add-ins list (File > Options > Add-ins) and iii) your Scale-up Manager plus any error message that you are seeing to   

 Working with Utilities that contain program code

It may help you and your colleagues when using our utilities in general to make Scale-up Systems a Trusted Publisher on each user's computer.  Adding Scale-up Systems to Trusted Publishers allows our .xlsm formatted files to run more smoothly.  Our macros are always digitally signed:

 Simulator and the Xbox Game Bar

If running Simulator leads to messages about Xbox gaming, use the Start Menu (Windows icon) to open Settings, then select Gaming and turn off the Xbox Game Bar.

 Messages about having Microsoft Office Applications open

If working with dynamic models in Simulator, Fitting or Optimization screens leads to messages about having Microsoft Office Applications open, this can be the result of an incomplete installation of Scale-up Suite. In that case, if you still have access to the SuS.msi file used to install your version, please open it and choose the Repair option.  If you do not have the installer available conveniently, we recommend that you reinstall from here: