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 About User Support
If you are an industry or regulatory customer with a current valid license for one of our software tools, User (application/ project) Support is available to you under your license agreement.  Through user support and training, we aim to build your proficiency at using Scale-up Suite to address your applications; our goal is to "teach you to fish", not "give you a fish".
 Before requesting User Support
Make sure that you have completed all of the steps below before requesting user support:
  1. Install Scale-up Suite:
  2. When working in Reaction Lab or Dynochem Simulator, Fitting or Optimization windows, press F1 for help, or visit
  3. When working with Dynochem models saved in Excel format, use the Help and Reference buttons on the Dynochem ribbon in Excel
  4. When working with Dynochem utilities in Excel format or in web applications, review the Help tabs, any Basis tabs and other help content provided in the utility
  5. Visit the Resources sites and search using keywords "help", "advice", "guidance" and “learn” to find relevant Knowledge Base articles, Recordings or Training exercises
  6. If you have a question or problem that appears to be IT or installation related, try our troubleshooting tips:
  7. Attend training: we reserve the right to support only users who have taken training on how to apply the software, whether on-line or in-person
  8. Become certified: if you have not attended training but have passed the relevant Dynochem or Reaction Lab certification test in the past 12 months, we will waive the requirement for you to attend training before requesting user support.  Search for "certified" in the Resources sites for more information about how to become certified.
 How to request User Support

User support is delivered by email, because this puts your question in front of our global team of Applications experts and gives them an opportunity to review and discuss before responding to you. 

We do not offer live support e.g. by telephone, mobile phone or MS Teams, as this method of delivery is not productive. 

To request support:

During holiday periods, support responses may be delayed.

 User Support Limit

User support cases are tracked by our team in a database, recording the following information in each support engagement or 'case':

Each software license has an associated User Support Limit, measured in support hours, that is reset annually.  Our team will provide support up to this limit and will let you know when you are approaching or have exceeded your limit.  We reserve the right to discontinue provision of user support after reaching this annual limit.

With software such as Scale-up Suite, your organization should aim to support your own users internally, rather than relying on external help.  You should ensure that you have trained and certified users at each site.  Most customers develop power users that support other users and also deliver their own internal training.   Many customers seek to present their work using the software in our Guest Webinar program.  These milestones reflect the maturing of your organization in the application of process modeling.