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Vessel Update
What is Vessel Update
New in Dynochem 6, Vessel Update allows you to access and import your equipment list easily into Dynochem utilities.  Your end-user community no longer needs to know the location of the database as that information is stored as part of each user's Scale-up Account profile.  Your vessel information is visible only to members of your organization.
How can I use it?

When working in a Dynochem vessel utility, click Vessel Update.  The contents of your VesselDB and Impeller properties worksheets (including baffles and other internals) will be updated to reflect your equipment.

To make this magic work, the custodian of your vessel database needs to upload the information in our standard format to the Scale-up Suite Equipment service.  This also makes the vessel database visible to the Catalist and Properties features in the Dynochem ribbon and for viewing on any device.



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