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What is the Dynochem ribbon?

The Dynochem ribbon in Excel is a new feature in Dynochem 5 that allows you to quickly access Dynochem tools, material properties, resources and functions.  It works like any other part of the Excel ribbon and is available to you whenever Excel is open.


The first button on the ribbon can open the Resources website in a 'task pane' at the right hand side of your Excel window.  This is very useful when searching for resources and helps avoid distraction in your web browser.  The Resources site is displayed in 'mobile' view in the task pane, like it looks when you visit on your mobile device.

New in Dynochem 5.2, the ribbon includes extra functions in the Utilities section that access material properties, save compound and material information with the Excel document and perform molar mass calculations.

A downloadable high-level summary of all new features in Dynochem 5 is available in Dynochem Resources and a regularly updated summary of what's new in point releases is available here.

You can access many functions from the ribbon from anywhere in an Excel worksheet using right mouse click.



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