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 What is the Dynochem ribbon?

The Dynochem 6 ribbon in Excel allows you to quickly access Dynochem tools, material properties, resources and functions.  It works like any other part of the Excel ribbon and is available to you whenever Excel is open.

In Dynochem 6, the ribbon looks like this:

For reference, the Dynochem 5 ribbon looked like this:


 What are Dynochem hosted web apps?

Starting in 2023, you can use some Dynochem capabilities directly in your web browser through our hosted web apps, on any device, without installing Scale-up Suite. 

You will require a Scale-up account and to sign in.  You also need to belong to an organization with Dynochem licenses and to confirm that you have joined one of those licenses through your user profile:

The first hosted web app is for equipment (mixing and heat transfer) calculations and others will follow in future.  Click here to visit:

Using a hosted web app requires a Dynochem or Dynochem Biologics license, just like when you are using the installed Desktop software.