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Troubleshoot fitting Event Log messages
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 About the Fitting Event log

The event log is a floating window which can be shown by pressing the Event Log button  in the View menu of the Fitting module. Within the Fitting module it is used for reporting errors occurring in the program during fitting exercises. It is automatically shown when an error occurs in the program. Error messages should be noted and forwarded to our support team at In most situations, such  errors are fatal and will result in the algorithm terminating.

As a first step towards resolving such a problem, Exit Dynochem, Open it again and rerun the fit.

 Event log error messages

The following error messages may appear in the Event Log and will cause the log to be automatically displayed.

Error Messages

Error checking boundaries

Error writing message

Error running Simplex algorithm

Error running Levenberg Marquardt fitting algorithm

Error running the solver

Error initializing solver

Error plotting initial point

Error reading fixed parameters

Error generating alpha matrix

Error generating dY series

Error evaluating dX2/dParam values

Error generating dY/dA series

Error generating initial Simplex

Error evaluating fitted parameter constraints

Error calculating initial Function values

Error refreshing parameter values

Error refreshing free parameters

Error evaluating fixed parameters

Error updating parameters

Error updating model variable with parameter values

Error updating model

Error calculating ChiSq (Errors)

Error while assessing breached parameters

Error while generating residual series

Error initializing Fitting module

Error terminating Fitting module

Post processing error

Error running Fitting algorithm.

Error recalculating user defined errors

Error while trying to stop Fitting

Error calculating objective function

Error calculating gradient

Error calculating alpha

Error calculating covariance matrix

Error generating statistics

Error performing perturbation

Error analyzing series

Error resetting internal arrays

Error plotting

Error during initialization of arrays

Error compiling data series

Error creating data series

Error generating scenario series

Error generating parameter series

Error calculating number of data series

Error calculating standard error

Error calculating correlation coefficient

Error calculating R2