Scale-up Suite Help
Selecting Scenarios to use for fitting
Fitting > Select data to fit > Selecting Scenarios to use for fitting

In order to select the data profiles to be used for fitting, first select the scenarios that contain the relevant data using the check-boxes in the Scenarios column in the Data and Parameters tab.  Bear in mind that selecting data from multiple scenarios (i.e. experiments) will increase the run time, since each scenario requires an additional model to be run.  It is recommended to start fitting to data from one scenario first to get good parameter estimates before using more / all available data for fitting.

The list of scenarios displayed will only include those scenarios which contain experimental data (not imposed data).  If a scenario with data is not listed, first check the column headings in the experimental data sheet for errors, then check that 'imposed' is not written in the data column (or in the process sheet) for the corresponding variable.  

Show me how to select data series for fitting.

All data series in all scenarios can be selected using the Select All check box at the top of the panel:

New in Scale-up Suite 2, you can choose to fit the same set of parameters values to all selected scenarios, or different sets of values to each of a set of selected scenarios.  Use the check box entitled 'Fit to each scenario' to fit different sets of values to each of a set of selected scenarios.