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 What is Run Selected?
Run Selected is an automation process that runs selected scenarios and creates a new worksheet containing your scenario inputs and End point values of your plotted responses. It can be found in the Dynochem ribbon, in the Run Model section where all the automated simulation icons are located. You will see Run Selected below Run All Scenarios.

 How can I use it?

In the illustration below, The first scenario from the simple batch reaction model is run using Run Selected:


 Running Selected Scenarios

Once you have clicked Run Selected, you will see a window entitled Run Selected Scenarios. You will see all your scenarios listed with a check box to the left of the scenario names.

Check one or more of these check boxes to select scenarios.

Alternatively, if you want to check all the scenarios, click on the check box on the left-hand side of Scenarios.

The click on the Run button.


This will create a new worksheet called Run Selected with the scenario inputs and end point results.

 Saving Profiles

You can Run your Selected scenario(s) and Save profiles. This also creates a new worksheet called Run Selected that contains the automation results and a new workbook. This new workbook will have the same name as your model with 'Profiles' after the name.

An Endpoints tab in the workbook contains the same information as the Run Selected worksheet.

Additional Scenario 1, Scenario 2,... worksheets contain the following information:

Below is an example of a scenario worksheet generated using Run Selected with Save Profiles: