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Phases and rates in a model
About Phases

You can view Phases before and after a simulation. It contains a formatted list of most model variables, in all phases and all mechanisms with current and historic values and current units.

The Phases window is split into two panes:

Accessing Phases

To open the List all Phases window do one of the following:

Formatting Phases

To modify your view of List all Phases do one of the following:


Changing the units of mass or concentration for species

To change the units of mass for all species in a phase:

  1. Right click in the Phases window.
  2. Select the phase and then the new mass units you want to see displayed from the dropdown menu.

These units changes propagate throughout the current scenario to every window in which species parameters appear.

Copying the contents of the Phases window

You can copy the contents of the Phases window (e.g. to paste in Excel) by opening it and then using:

Changing the number of decimal places on values

The number of decimal places  on all calculated variables in the Phases window can be adjusted between a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 6. The default value is 4.

Details of the displayed values by mechanism


Calculate statements

Reaction statements

Process Flows

Mass transfer statements

Heat transfer statements

Flash/Condense statements



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