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 What is Open Model?

The Open Model section of the Dynochem ribbon allows you to open your model in the Simulator, Fitting or Optimization windows:


 How can I use it?

Simply click the indicated icons to open your model in the desired environment.  This will initiate 'parsing' of the model to check for any errors that would prevent successful conversion of your Excel sheets into a mathematical model that can be integrated in these environments.



Click to obtain more detailed information about using SimulatorFitting and Optimization.

If you intend to run your model using any of the items in the Run Model section of the Dynochem ribbon, we recommend that you first check that your model is running well by opening it in Simulator.

 Updating the model between environments and Excel, saving changes to disk

As you move between the Simulator, Fitting and Optimization screens with your model, you may wish to take recent changes with you into the next environment.  For example, fitted parameters obtained using the Fitting window can be updated before running in Simulator or Optimization.  Or a new scenario created in Optimization can be added to the model before examining the results in detail using Simulator. 

Use  in any of the windows to commit changes to memory and then click the model icon to open the model (including these changes) in the next environment,

When you are working in these screens and want to commit changes to your Excel model, use .  This will commit cumulative changes made since parsing the model to the Excel file. 

To save these changes to disk permanently, use File>Save in Excel.

 Shortcuts available in Simulator, Fitting and Optimization

New in Dynochem 5, you will find many useful shortcuts available in Simulator, Fitting and Optimization. 

On right-mouse click in blank areas of each screen:


Using the model icon at the top of each screen:

Click the icon, or the model name, or the down-arrow for this menu: