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 What is Simulator?

Simulator runs Scenarios from Dynochem and Reaction Lab models.  Up to ten models can be opened at any one time and run in Simulator. Each Scenario has its own simulation window that allows you to test and use the model.  Simulator integrates rate equations that have been set up during model building, using initial values set in Scenarios and imposed profiles set in data sheets.  Experimental data you have included in the data sheets are plotted for comparison with model results.   

 What results does Simulator provide?

Simulation results are available in three formats:

The results from Simulator can be copied, printed, exported and reported.

 Controlling a run and getting help

The Simulator run controls enable you to play, pause, stop and continue a simulation.  The default solver properties will give accurate solutions for most process models.  An event log will appear if numerical problems occur during the simulation.  The solver set up can be changed or you can use the trouble-shooting help. There is help available for all of the main functions within Simulator using the F1 key.

 Making changes to a model

Simulator’s scenario-based design enables many “what if” cases to be undertaken on the same process.  You can adjust model parameters and reaction kinetics and re-run the simulation or update and save the model with new values.