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About Main simulation chart
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Formatting the Chart
 Editing the series plotted

To edit which series are plotted on the chart, double-click in the chart legend and the Series window will open.  Use the checkboxes to select/deselect variables to be plotted on the chart.  Show me more on the Series window.

 Editing the chart layout

The formatting and appearance of the chart can be set in the Chart Layout interface.

Chart Functions
 Series function
  1. Right click on an experimental data point or on a simulated curve.

  2. The options available are:
 Click and drag imposed profiles

The profile of imposed data in a model can be directly adjusted in the chart.  With the mouse, hover over a point you want to move and the ‘hand’ icon will appear.  With the ‘hand’ icon visible, click and drag the point to its new value.  Points can only be dragged vertically to ensure that the time value of the point is not lost.

To add a new point to a profile, position the cursor and ctrl+left click.

To delete a point from a profile, position the cursor on the point and shift+left click.

Tip: set up your imposed profiles in the model data sheets in Excel with several ‘extra’ points along the profile so that you can easily try new profiles without having to add new points in Simulator.

Exporting the Chart
 Print, copy or Export the Chart

Do one of the following: