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Using the Chart tools
Simulator > Charts > Using the Chart tools
 Accessing Chart Tools

Do one of the following:



Edit Chart Layout

Edit Plotted Series

Hide/Show Ghostlines

Hide/Show Error bars



Ghostlines allow the visualization of two different simulations simultaneously, for example if you run the model in Simulator, change a parameter (e.g. temperature, pressure, amount of starting material) and re-run the Simulation again. You can visualize these two Simulations simultaneously.

Once you are in Simulator, you can switch on Ghostlines by clicking on the button shown below:

There are two option for Ghostlines where you can toggle options using the button dropdown .

 Sub plots

You can create sub plots from the main chart using the toolbar button at the bottom of the main chart:

You can change the series plotted by doube-clicking in the sub plot legend, or clicking the sub plot Edit Series icon.

New in Scale-up Suite 2, you can also choose any response to be the x-axis variable on a sub plot, not just time as on the main chart: