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 Getting started
To use the software, you need to:

Once activated, the software will automatically check for newly acquired licenses at regular intervals and can be refreshed on demand by clicking the Refresh button in Scale-up Manager.

You can check which licenses you have by visiting From 2023, all Dynochem licenses may be used both for the installed Desktop application ('Desktop license') and to access our hosted web apps ('Online license').

It is not possible to share the same license between a Desktop and Online session. If you find that there are no licenses available when starting a Desktop or Online session, return or check-in the other licenses you are consuming and try again.

When purchasing a license it will be associated with one or more Scale-up user accounts. Corporate licenses for multiple users are usually purchased by a central administrator who will then allocate them to individual users.

For a longer read on getting started with the installed software and your license, download this document:

 Offline Allowance

Cloud-based license servers are used to activate and license the software.  An internet connection is required to connect to the license server to obtain license entitlements for a user and to start, refresh or end license sessions. 

Once a license session is started, offline use of the software is possible for a period defined as Offline Allowance on a license. The offline allowance can be adjusted per license to suit particular needs.  While connected to the internet,  a connection to the license server will be attempted in regular intervals. Upon each successful connection the offline period will be renewed.

 Encryption and security
The standard TLS protocol on port 443 is used to connect to the license server, ensuring that all communication is securely encrypted, while not requiring specific firewall or other permissions. The standard ability to connect to web sites via HTTPS is sufficient.

Scale-up Systems uses at any time a minimum of 3 cloud-based license servers with a variety of built-in failover capabilities, designed to provide uninterrupted coverage for a variety of conceivable internet outage scenarios, including data centre or DNS failures.  The provision of offline allowances is designed to provide medium- to long-term uninterrupted usage, once a license is obtained, for sketchy or interrupted internet connection at the user end.

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