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Scale-up Suite offers two distinct license types; from 2023, both of these license types can be used with the Desktop application and to acesss hosted web apps (online):

 Personal Licenses

Personal Licenses offer exclusive personal use of Scale-up Suite products to individual users named on the license.

A Personal License has a defined number of users that can be added to it. Each one of the named users can use the license whenever they need it, the personal allocation is not shared with anyone else.

For example:

Each named user will see the license listed in their personal profile at and in the Scale-up Suite Manager.

Personal Licenses can be used on more than one computer by a single named user, but only on one computer at a time.*

The default offline allowance for Personal Licenses is 7 days. With this it is sufficient to connect to the internet only once every 7 days to keep working continuously.

* Strictly speaking a license session is locked to a specific Windows user session on a computer. On the same computer a Personal License can only be used in one Windows user session at a time.

 Shared or Concurrent Use Licenses

A Shared License has a definition for the maximum number of users who can use the software at the same time.

It is intended to be shared among a larger number of users, who can temporarily access one of the licenses from the shared pool.

For example:

For license administrators:

The default offline allowance for Shared Licenses is 8 hours, to allow for uninterrupted work for a standard working day once a license is obtained.  This can be extended to maximum 7 days by the organization's license administrator (and also reduced to a minimum of 30 minutes).

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