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Selecting factors for optimization exercise
Optimization > Set factors to be varied > Selecting factors for optimization exercise
 About the factor list

By default a list of factors is provided in the Select factors to vary window and you must select from these. The factor list is composed of:

If you want a new factor to be included in the optimization exercise:

 Selecting factors to be varied in the exercise

Using the list of Scenario items in the Select factors to vary window:

 Setting initial values of factors

Selected factors can be given initial guesses. By default the initial guess is the value specified in the Scenario chosen to initialize the exercise. This initial guess can be modified before running by typing the new value in the Value column of the Select factors to vary window. During an optimization exercise the factor value is continually updated. The initial guess must lie between the minimum and maximum values indicated in the Min and Max columns (the constraints).

 Setting factor constraints (Max and Min values)

You can also set constraints on the factor values so that they remain physically realistic and/or within a known safe operating range.

Both minimum and maximum constraints can be applied to each factor. The default constraints are a minimum of 0.0 and (effectively) no constraint on the maximum. Constraints can be entered in the Min and Max columns and are expressed in the same units as the factor.

Thoughtful setting of constraints can prevent the optimization algorithm giving unrealistic results, e.g. making the process temperature increase indefinitely. Instead, you should think about setting a maximum constraint on temperature equal to, for example, the solvent boiling point.        

 How the constraints are used during an Optimization run