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What is Scale-up Suite?

Welcome to the Scale-up Suite user community!  Scale-up Suite comprises Dynochem, Reaction Lab and Numero Chem.  Each of these tools is designed to help you to do good work, fast.  You have access to the components that have been purchased by your organization.

On this quick-start page, we focus on the Dynochem component of the suite, which helps to complete your unit operations development projects faster, using fewer, more informative experiments and to reduce the risks associated with process scale-up and tech transfer.  You can also skip the Dynochem material and go straight to Reaction Lab or Numero Chem.   A downloadable high-level summary of all new features in Dynochem 5 is available in Dynochem Resources here.

We recommend that you review the short, looping videos below while following along on your own computer. If you have two screens, move this help screen to one and follow along using Dynochem on the other.  Select the videos that look most interesting and relevant to you.

We assume that you have already installed the software; if not, you can install from here or using a 'packaged' install prepared by your own IT department.


Video: How to sign in and obtain a license

Video: How to visit Dynochem Resources and download a mixing calculation tool ('utility')

Video: How to use Dynochem functions to retrieve physical property data in Excel

Video: How to download commonly used tools directly from the Dynochem ribbon

Video: How to visit Dynochem Resources without leaving Excel

Video: How to run a kinetic model in Dynochem Simulator

Video: How to fit model parameters to experimental data

Video: How to use a model to find optimum conditions for a chemical reaction

Video: How to explore a design space and process robustness

Video: How to generate response surfaces

What's next?

If you already know the tools you want to use, visit Dynochem ResourcesReaction Lab Resources or download using the Dynochem ribbon in Excel.  If you would like to learn more now, visit the Training tab in Resources and select a training exercise that you can take hands-on with the software.  Please contact us at to request our support on your projects.

If your organization is new to Scale-up Suite, please contact to discuss further and learn about our industrial and academic licensing options.

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